Portable Inflatable Lighting & Antenna Towers

LTA Projects' Portable Inflatable Lighting & Antenna Towers are Proudly Made in the USALTA PROJECTS builds the most portable lighting and antenna towers in the world, and they're inflatable! Our portable inflatable towers let you quickly deploy your antennas, signal repeaters, lighting, video camera or sensor payloads. Anywhere you need temporary lighting or communications: after emergencies, at large public gatherings, road construction areas, highway detour routes, search & rescue staging areas, sporting events and many more.

  • Light Towers

    LTA's light towers offer ease of use and extreme portability, ideal for emergency or temporary portable lighting to meet every need.
    • Emergency Responders
    • Night Road Construction
    • Search & Rescue Teams
    • Construction Site Lights
    • Outdoor Special Events
    • Emergency Utility Repair
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  • Antenna Towers

    Along with superior portability, our inflatable antenna and sensor towers offer safer operation than steel or aluminum towers. AIR and AIRBASE Towers are so easy to use that one person can have one in operation in just minutes.
    • Disaster Relief Communications
    • Backcountry Search & Rescue
    • Outdoor Events Video Security
    • WiFi / Broadband Hotspot
    • Remote Aerial Sensor Platform
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