Made in the USA

LTA Projects is a United States-based company begun in 2002 by airship and balloon designer Steve Garner. His previous experience included design and construction of remote control airships for the military, passenger-carrying airships for customers like Disney, Westinghouse, & the US Army, as well as advertising balloons for a long list of Fortune 500 Companies.

LTA Projects' focus is on developing new and innovative cloth-based products for ‘high tech’ applications. Although its early years concentrated on government airship projects, in 2005 the company launched the iLugger brand of carrying bags for Apple computers and used by video, audio, and photography pros all over the world.

Today, LTA Projects continues to produce both computer bags and inflated towers, while also building custom airships and balloons for aerospace customers.

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In 2007, the company launched a new initiative to commercialize an Inflated Tower concept developed by Garner in the 1990’s. These 5-20 meter tall towers provide an easy-to-use platform for video security cameras, sensors, and all types of antennas. They so portable they can be backpacked into remote areas or can be deployed from most any SUV or pickup truck without special modifications. Much simpler to use than an airship or balloon, the towers are now in use by Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, & Public Safety Agencies all over the USA.

LTA Projects Current Products & Activities

Air Inflated Towers for Lighting, Communication and Video

  • Inflatable towers for antennas, cameras, and lighting
  • Various towers to choose from for height, lift and lighting specs
  • Tower sizes ranging from 5-20 meters
  • Heavy lift towers for video security cameras and another heavy equipment
  • Custom printed sleeves and covers for insignia, logos, and other messaging
  • Attachable & interchangeable roll up roadsigns

iLugger Bags

Wheeled and shoulder bags for Apple 21” & 27” iMacs, 24” and 30” Cinema Displays, Mac Pro Towers

Specialty Products

  • Auto-Inflation and Pressure Regultaion systems for Losberger US, LLC's rapid-deployable shelters (RHN-16, RHN-24) for disaster relief and emergency management.
  • Balloon component for GATR Technologies' inflated Satellite Dishes
  • Inflated Dock bumpers for airships and aerostats for Information Systems Technologies
  • Envelope components, repair and maintenance for passenger-carrying ride balloons for Aeroballoon, Inc.